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Why Should I Build an Outdoor Kitchen?


Social. The best times of our lives comes from the enjoyment of family and friends. Florida is a year round outdoor paradise. Children swimming in the pool, neighbors talking about the weather, friends conversing about their jobs outside around a grill is a fun place to do that. Put an island around the grill and you have a place to set your plate or drink and enjoy life to the fullest.

Grilled Food. With very little skill, grilled food can be tasty, less greasy, and healthier for you. Experimenting with rubs, marinades, and sauces provides flavoring not found in many fine dining establishments. With the high heat capacity of a high quality grill, foods retain their moisture and take on a unique flavor, far from the taste achieved in an indoor kitchen. Cooking seafood outside helps to eliminate the lasting after odor in our houses.

Convenience. For a reasonable investment, a 27 to 30 grill with a rotisserie burner, small sink and a refrigerator built into a grilling island provides a new location for dining out. The essentials of convenience are present. Include a bar top and a few bar stools and you have just located a new restaurant in town in the privacy of your own home.

Durability. Like anything else you invest in, you get what you pay for. The correctly made cabinetry plus grills and appliances with lifetime warranties will provide exactly what you paid for a lifetime of enjoyment. The cabinetry, grills and appliances are made to be outdoors what you paid for. There is a reason the products are priced as they are they are made for durability. You should look for that in grills, a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel and the burners. You should look for in your home service for the first year, a local company with a good reputation that knows the local technical services network.

Return on your Investment. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) stated that residential remodeling will increase at a 5% or better rate through 2005. Adding an outdoor kitchen adds value to your home and extends your living space. Home Repair & Etc., reviews the average potential payback of common renovations yearly. Although outdoor kitchens are not mentioned separately, their close relatives are.

     Kitchen Remodel @ 73 130%
     Deck Addition @ 53 89%
     Swimming Pool @ 42 85%

An outdoor kitchen will allow you to enjoy the quality of life we have not only in the USA but our wonderful state of Florida.


The outdoor kitchen store, Tampa, FL